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Lake Como previously known as South Belmar, has no oceanfront real estate but has waterfront homes along Lake Como from which the town derives its name. Lake Como's Main Street is lined with shops and leads north to Belmar and south to Spring Lake. As improvements are made to the town by its progressive Mayor and Town Council, Lake Como's identity as a quiet residential community is sure to flourish.

One of the major attractions to the New Jersey Shore, in the town of Lake Como, is Bar Anticipation. A popular meeting-place for young adults, Bar Anticipation hosts live music. Coors girls, beach volleyball, and good food draw thousands on a summer weekend. Vistors to other towns on the New Jersey Shore often find their way to Lake Como's Bar-A.

With a total reported population of less than 2000, Lake Como ranks as one of the smallest towns along the New Jersey Shore. Although the year 2000 Census lists 29.5% of the housing as rentals, this is sure to change as more and more families find Lake Como a wonderful year round residential community.